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Avatar of Tejas Kumar

Tejas Kumar

Front-end Developer @ Contiamo GmbH

Scalable Best Practices for Your Development Team


Software development teams usually are fairly complex: shifting priorities, changing requirements, and different personalities. This talk focuses on the ever-changing front-end tech landscape, along with team management in order to encourage best software engineering practices and better team culture across front-end teams through real-world use cases and historical lessons learned.

Avatar of Marcin Wadoń

Marcin Wadoń

Software Developer @ Evojam

Algebraic Data Types

Functional ProgrammingTypeScriptCategory Theory

Most languages have the concept of types defined. It's always good to feel safe working with the codebase.

One of approaches to successfully launch new project is to define a domain model in the way your grandma used to make it. In this talk I will present you a hipster way to fulfill this task using the Algebraic Data Types.

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Avatar of Ran Yitzhaki

Ran Yitzhaki

Software developer @ Wix

Build your own test runner

JavaScriptNode.jsTest Runner

In the javascript renaissance, more and more developers become toolmakers; even a basic understanding of how a tool works can help in the debugging process.

Together, we'll live code a mocha-like test runner from scratch.

While understanding the mechanism behind it, we'll create a small CLI app, that runs our test suites, and reports the results to the console.

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Avatar of Dominik Lubański

Dominik Lubański

Front-end Architect @ Shedul

Taste the Future with Functional Web Components

JavaScriptWeb Components

The presentation will be about my recently released library - Hybrids. As the project has got some tension in the community, I would like to show:

  • Briefly my history of creating open source projects and how they influenced on the hybrids library
  • Presentation of the core concepts behind hybrids, and how they make it super awesome! This includes library definition syntax, factory functions pattern, property translation, and cache mechanism.


Included in the price. Catering by eMeSeN.
Avatar of Yaprak Ayazoğlu

Yaprak Ayazoğlu

Front-end developer @

Migrating from Monolith to Microfrontends


Recently, seller dashboards, which used to be a monolith, decomposed into microfrontends defined by a business domain concept. We experimented on different ways of microfrontend techniques and picked one. Since each application can run independently on their own minimal setup, this gave the teams great flexibility, autonomy and yet improved the ownership of the individuals. Despite some drawbacks, such as UX consistency, performance issues, etc. this technique definitely proved itself within In this case study, you will hear our gains from using microfrontends.

Avatar of Miszo Radomski

Miszo Radomski

Front-end Developer @ Grupa Pracuj

Making internets great again - a story of working with legacy code

Angular.jsSonarQubeESLintGulpTeamCityOctopus DeployNPM AuditGitHub security alerts

Most of the developers one day will have to work with some kind of legacy application. I want to present a story about one of the applications I've been working on, which was started ~4 years ago as a hybrid of .NET MVC and AngularJS (1.3) and a journey our team came through last year to make it possible to support and more reliable than before. It's not a fairy tale - we still need to rewrite but it is still doing a good job in meeting business needs and making money.

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Activity break

Avatar of Yonatan Kra

Yonatan Kra

Software Architect @ WalkMe

The Front-end TDD challenge

JavaScriptAutomated testsTDD

TDD, the final frontier. These are the voyagers of the average developer, to create stable features, to join in the CI/CD world, to boldly develop minimum amount of code!

Many people say it is impossible to develop a front end application without opening the browser. I’m here to put these claims to the (unit) test!

In this talk we will build a working app - without opening the browser during the development process.

By the end of this talk, you will see the true meaning of TDD and how you can work with it to become a better developer.

Ready to become a TDD master? This talk is for you!

Avatar of Nadia Ginalska

Nadia Ginalska

Senior Front-end Developer @ Visuality

When Push Comes to Web

Push NotificationsPWAMobile

Like fire from mount Olympus, Push Notifications were stolen from the native mobile applications, for the benefit of us JavaScript developers. Now available for anyone, they are a powerful tool for building user engagement.

In this talk I'll explain how they can improve your business and how you can start using them. By the end you should have a solid grasp of how Push Notifications work and be aware of the common pitfalls to avoid.

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Avatar of Łukasz Stankiewicz

Łukasz Stankiewicz

Senior Developer @ Instapage

RxJS: Tailor-made, or is it?

RxJSReactive ProgrammingFunctional Programming

Rx is implementation of two paradigms: Reactive Programming and Functional Programming. It is not new but got popular after Angular implementation was based on it. JavaScript version is creation of Ben Lesh - Main Architect at Netflix now working with Angular Team.

Thinking reactively opens new world of possibilities. Makes us understand that we were a bit lied off by technology and bringing streams back home. I will show you concepts and ideas behind it and explain why it may make ours everyday code easier.

Will it have own place at JavaScript scene and in yours lines of code?

Avatar of Michał Warda

Michał Warda

Software Engineer @ EL Passion

You've been doing CSS wrong


In my career I wrote a lot of bad code. When I got back to it I could tell what was wrong, and use this knowledge, to not make the same mistakes in the future.

Not with CSS though. I've used different frameworks, methodologies, preprocessors and I never got the feeling why it worked or not.

I decided to study this topic. In my presentation I will approach styling from a Software Engineering POV. I'll explain the theory of writing testable code and how it affects CSS programming. What parts of CSS we forgot about, but should be using. How we can up our game even more with CSS-in-JS and why you should finally drop BEM.

Avatar of Peter Milne

Peter Milne

Technology Architect @ Adform

Moving from Anarchy to Sustainability

ReactJavaScript GraphQLREST

This talk covers the architecture and challenges of moving user-facing applications from startup mode to enterprise mode. The problem of 100 different applications that use every JS framework, 600+ API endpoints, multiple JavaScript dialects, with an unproductive UX or UI components. We will cover architecture to facilitate the migration of disparate applications to a large scale Single Page web application and the environment that supports it.

Contest’s winner announcement

Contest’s winner announcement

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Conference closing

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After party

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