ConFrontJS 2018 • Front-end Conference at 2018-10-29


Avatar of Dominik Lubański

Dominik Lubański

Dominik is a Frontend Architect with over eight years of experience in JavaScript. However, his real passion is creating extraordinary developer tools for the Web. From the beginning of his programming journey, he wanted to be a creator. Using edge technologies, he builds open source projects, gives talks about them and shares his unique concepts with the community. His latest project - hybrids (UI library for creating web components) - aims to beat the world of developer tools with simple and functional API.

Avatar of Ran Yitzhaki

Ran Yitzhaki

Ran Yitzhaki, software engineer at Wix, building tools for developers. Problem solver, JavaScripter, passionate about OSS, believes in education, likes gaming and makes music.

Avatar of Łukasz Stankiewicz

Łukasz Stankiewicz

Łukasz Stankiewicz currently Senior Developer at Instapage. University Of The Internet graduate and programming enthusiast since almost 15 years. In spare time fan of Real Madrid, amateur football and whiskey.

Avatar of Marcin Wadoń

Marcin Wadoń

Developer with almost six years of commercial experience. He does not write in languages, he writes in patterns. Likes reading code as a book thus a big fan of functional programming and the category theory. His the freshest romance is the cloud computing.

Avatar of Michał Warda

Michał Warda

I'm a programming polyglot familiar with many programming languages, like Ruby, Elixir, JavaScript, Kotlin. Also I'm a clean code enthusiast, proud everyday TDD user, Gamer with few attempts to create a game himself and I'm slowly aspiring to become a daily open source committer.

Avatar of Miszo Radomski

Miszo Radomski

Software developer with almost a decade of experience in web applications development. Background as an Analyst and UX Designer. I am strongly focused on details, code quality and making user objectives simple to complete. After work - football freak and purrfect cat dad (pun intended).

Avatar of Nadia Ginalska

Nadia Ginalska

Nadia is a JavaScript engineer at Visuality, where she's working on a broad array of startup projects. She's been merrily coding for the last 10 years of her life. Her current focus is React and PWAs. Nadia is passionate about workflow automation and delivering the best experience to the end user. As a hobby she tries to connect her guinea pigs to the Internet.

Avatar of Peter Milne

Peter Milne

Peter is the Technology Architect at Adform, based in Copenhagen, where he actively is involved architecting and migrating technologies and work practices to a scalable enterprise platform. Before Adform he was a Field Engineer at Objectivity launching a new Graph Database product: ThingSpan. Before Objectivity, Peter was the Director of Application Engineering at Aerospike Inc, a NoSQL Database Start in Silicon Valley. There Peter conducted business and evangelized Aerospike in 19 countries. Before Aerospike, Peter was co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at ITerative Consulting, a consulting company providing software modernization to clients in 11 countries.

Avatar of Tejas Kumar

Tejas Kumar

Tejas has been coding since he was 8 years old. All this time later, he still enjoys coding, people, and talking about code to people worldwide.

Avatar of Yaprak Ayazoğlu

Yaprak Ayazoğlu

Yaprak is a passionate front-end developer, speaker and a mentor. She has been working as a front-end developer since the moment she discovered web technologies in her master's studies. Her main focus is on JavaScript, HTML, CSS, web performance and open web standards. She is married and have 1 kid. She keeps coding when her kid is sleeping. She loves to dance tango.

Avatar of Yonatan Kra

Yonatan Kra

Yonatan has been involved in some awesome projects in the academy and the industry - from C/C++ through Matlab to PHP and javascript. Former CTO at Webiks. Currently he is a Software Architect at WalkMe.


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